Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Help--my posts are disappearing :(

First, I noticed that I no longer have back-arrows and forward-arrows on this blog--I now have to click on each month separately to see my posts.  Can anyone tell me how to restore my "back-arrow"/"forward-arrow" function?

Then, perhaps even more alarmingly, I found that the posts shown in the archives are incomplete--two of my September 2022 posts have disappeared from my September 2022 archive.  *I* can still see them in my "New Post" window, where I create and edit posts, but *you* can't see them anymore (except for the short time that they appear in the Previous Posts sidebar).  Can anyone tell me how to restore them?

My son says that, now that blogging is no longer as popular as it once was, it may be that this site is no longer being maintained.  At some point, I may simply be forced to stop blogging and switch all my posts to Facebook.  😥


I just deleted three music videos and replaced them with links, in the hope of restoring the visibility of my now-invisible posts.  But those posts remain invisible both on the "front page" and in my archive.  😥


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